Individual Services

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual therapy is a place to experience complete understanding and acceptance so that you may live to your full potential. I  collaborate with you using mind, body, spirit and when appropriate art techniques so that you undercover your deepest fears,  difficult emotions and come out refreshed, renewed, and alive knowing and embracing the full essence of who you are. 

Individual therapy supports you to embrace and face personal difficulties and challenges.  I draw upon your earlier life experiences and relationships to inform us both of their connection to the present. Most importantly, I create a caring and safe environment for you to explore your inner world and how it affects your moment-to-moment experiences.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling looks at the soul for guidance rather than the mind. We explore an expanded view of life and look into your belief systems, universal and personal energy schemas, karmic interplay, psychic and intuitive truths, metaphysical experiences, subconscious and super-conscious conditions of awareness, and spiritual and higher-self cosmic connections. Each sepsis is individually tailored with a co-creative and active stance where I support, trust and respond to your immediate issues as we move to uncover and heal the blocks in your spiritual pathway to your highest potential of awareness and fulfillment. 

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy

As a sex-positive psychotherapist, I am committed to exploring with you any trauma or shame that resides around your sexuality and integrating those feelings into your values so that you feel safe, secure, and comfortable to fully express your individual fingerprint of sexuality. 

College Student Counseling

College Student Counseling

College is a time for students to develop their sense of self, interests, and relationships as they are away from home and direct influences from their parents. 

This time can lead to increased anxiety, depression, loss, and addictions. Through counseling I collaborate with students to overcome obstacles and achieve their academic, professional, and personal aspirations.

Youth Counseling

youth counseling

Mindfulness, meditation, art therapy, and interpersonal psychodynamic techniques are used to help children learn to cope with uncomfortable feelings, improve focus and cognitive performance, and manage anger.