4500 via Marina, Marina Del Rey, California 90292, United States

(310) 502-4944

Relationship counseling in Marina del Rey

Where are you located?

4500 Bora Bora Way, Marina del Rey 90292

Office is located steps from the beach in Marina del Rey, Venice, Culver City, Westchester, Hawthorne, and Santa Monica. 

Nearby cities include Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Century City, West Los Angeles, and Westwood.

What are your fees?

Out-of-pocket fee is $150 for a 50-minute therapy session. 

I have a limited number of “sliding scale” slots depending on your ability to pay, fees can vary between $90 to $150 per 50-minute session.

I can’t always guarantee you a sliding scale slot. However, when these slots are available, I will be happy to accept fees in that range.

Do you accept insurance?

I currently accept MHN and am considered an in network provider. The copay is your responsibility each week which usually is between $10 to $30.

If your insurance is a PPO, it will save you a lot on fees. Since I’m considered out-of-network, your insurance will cover between 50% and 70% of therapy costs.

As an out-of-network provider,  I email you a monthly “superbill.” The “super” part of the “superbill” just means that all PPO insurances will cover a percentage of your fees.

How long does therapy last?

You should begin feeling a bit better after the first session. We’ll discuss the source of your issues and should arrive at some solutions to help with your symptoms.

We’ll talk about how “over-thinking” can fuel painful thoughts and feelings. Living inside your head is part of the problem.  We’ll discuss ways to “get out of your head,” and spend more time doing things you enjoy.

Feeling out of control is another issue that contributes to feelings of anxiety, anger, or depression.

You should feel a sense of relief and hope even in the early sessions, as you take back control of your life.

Your confidence will build as you put strategies to work in your daily life. We’ll track the effectiveness of the solutions we discover weekly. At each session, we’ll assess how well things are working out and adjust accordingly.

Comparatively simple issues like career guidance or relationship advice generally take less time than more deeply-seated issues. Everyone moves forward at their own pace.

As a solution-focused therapist I do focus on solutions right from the start. We’ll spend less time talking about the problem and more time talking about the solution.

What is your style of therapy?