About Me



American Association of Couples and Family Therapy (AACAST)
Couples Counseling and Sex Therapy Certification

The Coaches Training Institute
Co-Active Coaching Certification

Antioch University
Masters of Art in Clinical Psychology

James Madison University
Bachelor of Science in Dietetics/Nutrition


April Wright LMFT/ April Wright Therapy
Private practice with specialization in the treatment of Couples/ Relationship Counseling and spiritual growth/ balance.

Open Paths Counseling Center
Trained in the treatment of general mental health issues including but not limited to depression, alcohol/drug abuse, and relationship issues with a diverse population.

Trained as a Resident Associate at a peer-to-peer suicide hotline to monitor and ensure safety of hotline callers and adolescent volunteers.

The Transpersonal Counseling Center
Trained in the treatment of general mental health issues including substance abuse, couples counseling, and spirituality with a varied populace.

I am a life-long student and continue to enrich and expand my experience by continuing to educate myself in various certifications, techniques, and philosophies emerging in the field of psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, and eastern/western thought.

In over six years of combined education and experience, I have worked with hundreds of clients from all walks of life, which has provided with a deep insight and a practical view of the problems people face in contemporary times, with regards to professional and personal life. Whether it is depression due to lack of respect and recognition at work, death of a close family member, emotional distress due to separation, addiction, sexual dysfunction, loss of a job, or any other issue that is affecting your mental health negatively.

My approach is collaborative and holistic. I combine psycho-bio-social-spiritual attention, which collectively provides a personal approach to feeling better.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT #96155 and a certified life coach from The Coaches Training Institute. I hold current memberships at the American Association of Couples and Sex Therapist (AACAST), the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist (CAMFT) and the local chapter (LA-CAMFT).

Please feel free to email me at april@aprilwrighttherapy.com or call 424-258-5416. I will promptly respond within 24 hours.

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