Individual Therapy

Counseling for College Students

College is a time for students to develop their sense of self, interests, and relationships as they are away from home and direct influences from their parents. This time can lead to increased anxiety, depression, loss, and addictions. Through counseling I collaborate with students to challenge obstacles and work toward achieving their academic, professional, and personal aspirations.

Counseling for Parents

Parent's parent the way they were parented unless they seek help to unlock their unconscious behavior and own past and learn to compassionately understand how their childhood influences the way they interact with their children. I help parents become well-equipped with the fundamental tools to attune to their children, repair any ruptures, and raise emotionally healthy children.

Teen Counseling

Adolescents share many challenges in their formative years and I strive to ensure teens feel safe, heard, understood, and respected in a non-judging and confidential environment. Support for adolescents can be difficult for parents due to teens experiencing many complications growing-up including hormonal changes and neurobiological fluctuations. The unpredictable neurotransmitter inconsistencies make for various tribulations with peers and authority figures.

I provide support for adolescents who may be struggling at school, feeling anxious, experiencing depression, unclear about their sexual identity, and adapting to a new school or environment. I also maintain a neutral place for teens whose parents are separating to talk about their concerns, fears, and loss of what they once knew. I help parents learn effective parenting and communication skills to ensure the best interest and care for their child/ children and family.

Spiritual Counseling

We collaborate through spiritual counseling to determine blocks in your spiritual pathway and awaken your potential including living a life within your personal values, meaning and purpose.

Private Consultation

Coaching is a co-creative relationship with active listening, powerful questioning, and direct communication creating awareness, designing actions, planning, goal setting, and managing progress and accountability. Consultations are focused on improved communication, professional achievement, and financial success. If you live outside the Los Angeles area and can’t come to my office, I offer private consultation both by phone or Skype.

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