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I enjoy helping people learn how to have better relationships by offering a space to safely explore and get to know themselves first.  As safety is established, we explore your developmental years and how it affects your present beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors.  We collaborate and establish realistic personal and professional goals.  I enjoy seeing results as clients begin to experience improved communication and healthier relationships with spouses, family, friends, co-workers, and their children.  I have worked with individuals, couples, adolescents, college students, and parents.

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Ten Ways to Treat Chronic Pain Without Opioids

Alternative Treatment Methods For Chronic Pain Chronic pain is defined as any prolonged pain that lasts more than 12 weeks. …

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What makes a relationship healthy?

Relationships are hard. They take time, commitment, and consistent work. But when you think about it, anything that we truly …

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Some Women Wear a Strap on to Feel Powerful

A friend of mine told me, “Go to the sex shop that you mentioned in Hollywood and get a strap on.” “What, why? I responded. …