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You Can Create an Amazing Life

We have no guarantee how long we are going to be on this Earth. We could vanish a week from now, ten years from now, 50 years from now, who knows. There is no better time than now to start living what is important to you and then making that work for your life. Today is your day to begin your path toward an amazing life.

Define Your Path

The first step toward creating an amazing life is to define what you’re looking for. Describe the life you desire by identifying what you want and what you value.

What do you want out of life? What invokes passion? What do you value?
I value freedom and flexibility. I love being a solopreneur. I love to travel, to teach, and to interact with people and experience multi-facets of this world. Amazing for me is balancing all of my interests. It’s not easy, but I rather be in control of my life than have it dictated to me.

In fact, creating an amazing life is not easy for anyone. It’s hard work. It’s not always fun. It’s prickly, it’s bumpy, there’s stumbling blocks. You may fall down, but
you can get back up and get back on track.

Only you can define your life. Choose the path you want to walk down. It’s usually the harder way.

Identify Your Milestones

As with any goal, you know where you want to be, but you have to determine the milestones you need to meet to reach your goals.
Do you need to learn new skills?
Do you need new people to meet? Figure out the points between A and B and how you are going to get there. Maybe you have no idea what the small milestones entail. Find the right people and get the pieces of advice to help you choose the stepping stones toward creating your amazing life.

Trust Your Gut

Remember to trust your gut instinct when making decisions. Friends, family, and even mentors may offer advice, but you are the only one that knows best. Fully embrace that you know what you need and trust your gut. Parents or society may be pushing you to do one thing, but you can only choose the right path for you.

Surround Yourself with Friends who Support and Challenge You

You can NOT create an amazing life entirely on your own.
One thing that will NOT help you create an incredible life is heaving interaction with your screen and limited face-to-face time. You need to have friends in your life that support and challenge you. Not just friends that cheerlead you along but honest, grounded friends that challenge and question you. They care about you and offer different perspectives.

Create a Personal Board of Directors

As you begin to live an amazing life, establish an advisory board. Most companies have a board of directors who look after the best interests of the enterprise. You are no different. A sounding board of mentors and close friends who challenge you is essential.
Unfortunately, social media has ruined the word friend. There are different levels of friends. It is great to connect using social media and make new friends around the world, but there is nothing life real world friends. These are the ones you need most. They are the ones you can call at 4:00 in the morning when you need help. Make your personal advisory board. They are the critical, necessary connections that are the ones who are going to be there when you need people to amplify your message.

Rules of society are like rubber bands. Stretch the limits but be smart about it. There are consequences when the rubber band snaps. You may get hurt.

Celebrate Your Small Wins

The path toward an amazing life, like we said, is full of twists and turns and unexpected obstacles. Unfortunately, human nature is to wait and celebrate big the successes. You should honor the significant victories but don’t forget the Create an Amazing Life - April Wright Therapysmall wins.
Reward yourself when you reach a milestone. Your goal could be to write 2000 words today
toward your book and then go the extra mile to celebrate your victory. Tell your friends when you accomplish something good. Celebrate and connect. It doesn’t have to be a big party. It could be rewarding you by watching your favorite television show, taking a class of interest, getting a massage. No matter how minimal the victory, celebrating it makes it even bigger.

Create Your Work Shift

Work shift is completing work tasks outside the office. Work shift when you can and when you’re most productive. It may be late at night or early in the morning. Find your time and get busy. Doing any work related tasks on your computer outside the office environment or home environment if you work from home will refresh your life. It makes for a better life and creates a fresh perspective.

Get Out from Behind Your Screens

Get out and meet people face-to-face. Have real-world connections. The more people you know in face-to-face relationships, the better off you’re going to be. Sit down with people and get to know them.

Become a Lifelong Learner

Being a lifelong learner makes your smarter and youthful. Become a wanderer and wonderer. Be curious. Get out of the monotony.

A great website is Wanderpolis. It focuses on wondering. It explains questions like why are flamingos pink? What makes the sky blue? It is a great lesson to view the small wonders of the world just as you did as a child. You gazed at the wonders of the world through curiosity, intrigue, and wonder. The same perspective can be achieved as an adult. The minute when you feel bored, or that you’ve seen it all, that’s when your amazing life and path of amazement is lost. When you’re a lifelong student, wandering and wondering, learning new skills, meeting new people – all of that put together creates an amazing and fulfilling life.

Give Back When You’re Successful

The best way to give back to the world around you for a more fulfilling life includes using your skill set to help others. Don’t just give a check. Give your time, your skills. There is a charity that can use your help; whatever you are passionate about, support that charity. Utilize your skills and support a charity with whatever intrigues and works for you. Giving back feels awesome.

Have Fun

Life is too short not to have fun. Take a day off. Play in the rain. Do something silly and have fun.

Three things that will help you create an incredible life:


  1. Celebrate small milestones
  2. Do tasks outside of an office environment – park bench, coffee shop, etc.
  3. Take time for yourself

Have confidence that you can turn your dreams into reality. Don’t waste another day doing things that don’t contribute to your long-term plans. Make plans to set your wildest, most amazing life into motion. Let your imagination lead the way. You’ll never get where you want to go until you head in that direction. You can create an amazing life for yourself.





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