Welcome to my Practice

Congratulations in taking the first step in seeking change. Change is not always easy. A coach or therapist can be what is needed to jumpstart that shift in your life. While seeking a professional, it is important to find the right therapist or coach whether it is for yourself or someone in need. My hope is that you find helpful information on this site not only about my practice but also insightful news on various topics ranging from life coaching, couples counseling, sex therapy, anxiety, mindfulness, and many other areas of interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people seek therapy?

Many people seek therapy for various reasons but usually there is some triggering event that desires some sort of change. A well-trained psychotherapist empathically listens and helps bring out resiliency and strengths to reach the goals of individuals, couples, and adolescents. Over time, people experience full presence of life with more understanding, compassionate, and awareness. A gentle state of ease and confidence to overcome daily challenges is embraced.

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Am I alone?

Research reveals that 30 – 50 % of adults experience some variance of deep emotional distress in their lifetime. One in four adults will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.

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What can I expect?

As your therapist, I get to know you by asking questions about how you really feel about your value in the world, your childhood memories, family culture and feelings, and your internal voices.

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